Flying on a paraglider with

Do you want to try paragliding to see how it tastes ?, or cross off your list «fly», or maybe even try  and if you like maybe even  continuing with a paragliding course and if it is not for you you can also give it away as a gift.

No matter what your motivation is, even without previous knowledge, fly with qualified instructors and with all the security that we offer you with our solid experience of more than 20 years, the tandem paraglider flight is at your fingertips.

The tandem flight, with a two-seat paraglider, is suitable for practically everyone, from children to elder people (in Aventura in the Canary Islands we have flown with children from 4 years of age to adults of 81 years).

To be able to fly in tandem you do not need to be in a special physical shape. However, if you have any disability do not hesitate to tell us.

Enjoy a good flight

We want you to enjoy your new flight experience to the fullest!

Few videos for you so you see what its all about…


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