Fly like a bird

Paragliding over the North Coast

Have you ever dreamt you are an eagle? I have, in fact, several times. I remember than when I was a kid I was daydreaming once, while laying in the park, that those eagles flying close to me would grab me and take me to the sky. I could enjoy that flying experience so much and suddenly they dropped me from the clouds. Net thing I had a paraglider open on top of my head and I could steer it and take it wherever I wanted, far to the next town and back home, up to the sky and back down close to the trees. Since that day I couldn’t stop thinking about that strong feeling of spending time in the air, free flying, like a bird.

Paragliding over the North Coast
Flying over the Atlantic Ocean

Now paragliding is a big sport, reachable by almost anyone. And how does somebody start? Well, first thing you should do is contact a local club or school and sign in for a tandem flight. In many places, like ours, you might have the chance to even grab the handles and steer the glider.We are sure you will love it and that being the case the just¬†suscribe for a full 10 days course, in less than you think you will be in the air “Flying like a bird”.

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