Paragliding Gran Canaria

Fly on a tandem paraglider from 45€  a 10 minutes flight or get the complete service for only 60€ with pictures included 20 minutes

Fly over the atlantic ocen om a 2 seater paraglider
Tandem flight in Las Canteras beach

We know the best and safest places depending on the climatic conditions, guaranteed, the best vacations of your life.

One day course 110€ introduction with flight at the end of the day or 900€ for a full course

See Las Canteras beach from the sky, this is the ultimate paradise for pilots and passengers.

paragliding with a pilot instructor in a tandem

An Instructor, a passenger and our wing, best friends

Come fly with us, from children to the oldest, no experience required, enjoy the flying time for more than 300 days a year.

We have all kinds of budgets and dates are also flexible, call us or reserve online.

Paragliding over the beach, beautiful cliffs right next to the sea, sun all year round, lovely people, good food, cheap beer, etc. Life simply can not get any better.

Your family and friends can enjoy the sun on the beach while they watch you fly, they can even fly by your side in a two-seater paraglider with an experienced pilot.

Floating on the air and travelling some distance on this machine for free flying
Paragliding Canarias